Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One good thing is that I now smell like strawberries

I used to have bigger boobs and a better tan before I started studying biochemistry...
...and I'm too far gone to switch my major now..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Silver hoops

I used to have about 10 piercings when I was younger... two belly button rings, and the other 8 in my ears. Over the years, I have let most of those piercings close up... and only left two(the ones my mother gave me)...

I only ever really miss my belly piercings, and will get them back closer to the summer... as i have lost a couple of pounds, and the belly looks better than it ever has.

The only other one piercing I had missed are my inner ear piercings. They were so sexy... and odd.
i decided to put the rings back in..

pardon my nappy hair... I'm on my way to the hairdresser as we speak... lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This just in...

I really don't shop very much these days... at least not compared to before... the general idea is 'buy less spend more'

... but the few times I do get out to the shops(like umm.. yesterday)... chaos ensues.. I literally have to buy every single thing I want. In the past 2 days I have purchased 3 leather jackets from Danier... yes 3... well technically they are all a little different.
The first one(and my absolute favorite) is the 3/4 sleeved black jacket with a cinched waist and belt... the leather is butter-soft and luxurious. I couldn't have left the store without it... the other one is a gorgeous black leather vest with fur lining... the last one (I got today) is a chocolate brown leather one which I'm getting altered as the arms aren't quite long enough for me... should be getting it back in about two weeks... I think I'm done with jackets for now... well except something super sexy comes along that has the capacity to change the way I think... in which case I might have no option but to indulge...

Having said that... if I had absolute choice to get any designer jacket I'd like right now(for free of course)... It would definitely have to be Jill Sanders... their aesthetic is amazing beyond words...

One thing I highly recommend is street boutique shopping... i found the most AMAZING heavily discounted bubble jacket from over a thousand dollars to 299(It was the last one in the store... and I of course didnt leave the store without it... It's so sexy I walk differently when I wear it... so luxe... I have only worn it twice since I bought it... I have recieved over a hundred compliments on the jacket... I kid u not...)

On the same shopping expedition I also bought my very first Mint Jodi Arnold tee... its perfect... graphic artwork inspired and great for day to day wear...

I have been looking for the perfect destroyed skinny jean for ages... have scoured more than a few stores... and yesterday I found not one... or two... but THREE!!! (well technically 5... but I bought 3 as the other 2 were not exactly my size... I'm picking the other two up tomorrow... after which I will completely be done with shopping for the next two weeks...)

My favorite of the three are these Bebe Super destroyed jeans

They look so perfect on... dare I say even a little better than the model(blasphemy... I know... especially since I weigh probably 78.8 pounds more than she does... but fuck it... I look good in these...)

I also got that cocktail ring I wanted from swarovski... it looks even better in person... and on. Im wearing it as I type... got it with a lovely silver swarovski bracelet... they go amazingly well with a silver Hugo boss male watch I got for my birthday... (which I will admit wearing to sleep 'accidentaly'... )

I have bought most of the things I want/need right now... All I have left to buy is this really wicked coloured lip balm called 'wild rose' at Sephora...


I am trying to get a perfume I've never used before. At the moment I'm deciding between Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume or Issey Miyake...after which I REALLY will be done... I think.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand Art

I really am the biggest fan of JEWELRY
...well more specifically male watches, bracelets, bangles and cocktail rings.
I almost abhor earrings and probably only own two pairs... mostly because my friends have issued mild death threats regarding the matter...

Necklaces... I own... but never wear... I just prefer to let my hands do all the talking...

So at the moment... some of the pieces I'm lusting over(and will of course get... otherwise I'd just DIE!!!):

1. This fantastic talon ring from Made her Think... the last time I checked they only had a size 6 ring on the website... I am really hoping for a size or two bigger... cos this ring is TO-DIE-FOR... and I want to wear it on my index finger...!


2. Now I'm aware that this one (from made her think as well) is a necklace(which I don't usually wear)... so I'd wrap it around my wrists twice... and pair it with the black breitling...(talk about a match made in HEAVEN!!!)


3. This dish ring from Elizabeth and James... Looks homemade in like a sexy way... I know it's not everybodys taste... but I love it


4. Cross and Hearts charm bracelet in antiquated brass from Elizabeth and James... It'll go perfectly well with this kinda ugly wedding band-ish ring that I got sometime last year... (I wear it on my middle finger... dont want anyone getting the wrong idea)

Price: $155

5. Swarovski ring... so cute... I LOVE IT... so glam... so funky... Love the snakey thing... I love animal detailed jewellry... Ill take a picture of my scorpion silver ring and post it up here sometime...


6. Another fantastic ring from swarovski.. love the colour on this one...its gold-plated

Price: $280

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whatever does one wear when your heart has been broken into a thousand pieces?
Silver Jewellry? Black eyeliner? A veil of tears?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fashion Smashion

Just started this blog... cos for some reason gushing about 4 inch stilletos and swarovski charms doesn't really seem to fit into the other one (at least not 'in my mind')...

So this blog is about fashion, music... and everything in between.

Just bought: This fantastic uber-gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana watch at Holt Renfrew. It's male and leather(just like I like it...). I love the juxtaposition of the light brown straps and the gold hardware on the dial. The red 'second' markings are to die for. I have only taken this watch off to bathe...
Price tag: $480

On my radar: Audemar Piguet Millenary Limited Edition watch. Ok so maybe this is not in my price range... and I'm certain I'd use the money for a few other things if it were... but honestly, when I eventually DO own this watch, I will NEVER be late for anything. EVER.
Price tag: $298,100

Searching for: Humongous granny underwear. lol. So my mom(like most others) does not understand the thong phenomenom. She bought me a pair of huge pink grannies some time ago(my first pair...since childhood at least)... and oh my gosh they are AMAZING... hehe. Such comfort... and appeal... they are so sexy I almost can't stand em. Only wear them at home... but on those days I am in heaven.
Feel free to suggest places I can find cute grannies... the bigger the better...lol...

Listening to: Soko. She's this really funny, supercute and introspective almost simple french artiste... her voice is speaky-singy... and so delightful. I am still in love with her hilarious song 'I'll kill her'... I find myself attracted to slightly obscure songs and musicians... I have also been listening to a lot of Betty Wright... she's this fantastic black singer from the 60's,70's... you might know her hits 'Tonight is the night', 'Clean up woman'(heard it first on one of those madea plays), 'After the pain'... the voice, the material... superb. I must add my music idol Sir Oliver de Coque... he made music for the wise.

Want more: Club Monaco cashmere sweaters. They are the most comfortable sweaters I own bar none. Oh and if you're in Canada... they give 20% discounts(on EVERYTHING) to college/university students(with ID)... so go get your buy on... and don't say I never gave you nothing...

Eating: My current obsession... ackee and saltfish... The first time I had this was on a horrendous pseudo-date with this idiotic Jamaican dude whom, after mistakenly admitting to me he had a baby on the way on our first date, had the nerve to try to kiss me... bleech... It's been 3 or more years since... you wouldnt believe he still tries to contact me... I'm talking as recently as a month ago.

Chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva and chocolate covered apples from Laura Secord... I call these 'gladly-grow-fat'... sooo amazing!!!


I'm in the market for a large leather hobo bag... I need something roomy enough to carry my overstuffed wallet, ipod, jumble of keys, agenda, pens, lipglosses, cellphone(s)-havent gotten around to transferring numbers from the old one- and every other little blah.
I figure that since I would be carrying this bag on a daily basis... it would make sense to get a colour I could wear everyday and not have to worry... and probably sink a bit of money into it (though not too much... I am a student afterall... and have to save some money to buy the 8th edition of the chemistry textbook I already have...)

Cash: THE diesel handbag... I don't have an actual picture... cos the exact one is not on their website... but it's this fantastically ugly shade of puke-green... lol... it really is disgustingly cute... I think nobody in my life might like it but me... but that's all that matters yes? I just wonder if I'll tire of it in a short while...
  • Price: $345
It's a slightly different version of this bag:

Credit: A heavily discounted balenciaga city bag at Holts... it's so roomy and would carry a lot of textbooks... the only problem is... it's the flowery bag... pink and green and very girly/cutesy... I'm not sure if I can live with that on a day to day basis.
  • Price: My friends read my blog... and think I spend too much on too little... so I'd rather not say... but lets just say more expensive than the diesel...

Next buy: A digital camera. Lost the old one. I have to get a new one soon as I plan to go away for reading week(AMEN)... so I want to space my purchases out... speaking of going away(the implied thought is of bikinis and beaches)... the belly is looking quite nice.

I am a huge fan of bracelets and cocktail rings. Live in em. I am currently searching for gold jewellry. I am still trying to figure out the difference between real gold jewellry and the gold-plated stuff. Having said that, I have my eyes on this really delicate gold bracelet at magi... its hammered gold... and so beautiful... will be wearing it with the new watch...

Weird reactions to a purchase: I recently bought a pair of liquid leggings... and reactions have ranged from people just rubbing the leggings and giving me the 'ohhh' eye... to a friend actually pouring water on the leggings to see if it'd run off(I kid you NOT)... I usually abhor leggings... but these ones are so fab... I've worn them 2 days in a row(lol to different places of course...)

Fashion Blog of the day: www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com
I absolutely love this blog... Go on and you'd see why... the most beautiful dresses, commentary and layout.